“All Because of Agatha” is a hilarious comedy written by Jonathan Troy. Duff O’Hara and his bride, Joan, buy an old historic home in Salem, Massachusetts, and find out too late that it is haunted by Agatha Forbes, a witch who was burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. Agatha is not happy about this, and she returns to the house every November 22. So Joan decides to throw a witch-hunting party on November 22 to convince Agatha to stop haunting the house. Thanks to the head of the Salem psychic society; the medium Madame LaSolda; next door neighbor and obstetrician Dr. Randolph; and Joan’s Aunt Thelma, along with other odd guests, things go hilariously wrong! Agatha really starts to have fun, as she now has the power to make everyone in the house do what she wants! To find out how – or if – the spell is broken, visit Agatha and her friends at the “haunted house” this coming March at the theatre!

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