It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play Cast List

Wade Walker: George Bailey and Young George

Ashlee Vitz: Mary Bailey and Young Mary

Aengus McCullough: Clarence

Carl McKinney: Henry F. Potter and Old Man Gower

Michaela Semak: Violet Bick and Young Violet

Ellen McCullough: Joseph

Sandy Gibbens: Rose Bailey and Horace

Logan Dotson: Harry Bailey, Bert, Young Harry, Cop, and Sheriff

Kaitlyn McCullough: Ruth Dakin Bailey and Dr. Campbell

Chauncey Harbour: Billy Bailey and Nick

Shelia: Ernie, Mrs. Thompson, Bridge Keeper

Hannahlore McCullough: Matilda and Martini

Diane Parish: Freddie Filmore/Announcer, Mrs. Hatch, and Janie

Levi Dotson: Pete

Mariah Huey: Zuzu

Dennis Morris: Stage Manager

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